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Financial literacy information sessions delivered by APS staff members


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In the past weeks, APS Bank staff members delivered a number of information sessions as part of their ongoing community outreach. These information sessions were held with both commercial and educational institutions. 

Sinclair Cassar, Branch Manager and Mitch Parnis, Officer, from Valletta Branch, made presentations to the sales team of Owners Best, a real-estate agency. The event was held at the Owners Best branch in Naxxar, with Mr Cassar and Mr Parnis taking the 24 sales agents through the APS Home Loan Financing Packages.

Another event was held at MCAST for students pursuing studies in Banking and Finance. Kenneth Genovese, Senior Wealth Distribution Manager and Shelaine Falzon, Wealth Financial Advisor, gave talks to three groups of students on how to hold a sales interviews and the skills necessary for a successful career. The talk was well received and the students enjoyed the 2019 APS Bank Calendar and stationery distributed as freebies.


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