APS Bank Senior Management Offsite evaluates the challenger banks

‘Delivering to our customers: what can we learn from challenger banks?’ was the theme of the first 2024 Senior Management Offsite. A challenger bank is a modern, digitally-focused operation that competes with traditional banks by offering innovative, user-friendly services typically accessed through mobile apps or online platforms. The residential two-day event contained a packed agenda with presentations by international and local experts from various backgrounds and industries. Bank staff representing different activities and generations also contributed their own insights of the digital experience. A curated panel of Bank customers and tech start-up founders shared what exceptional customer service means to them in the digital age.

Opening the Offsite, CEO Marcel Cassar spoke about the inroads of fintech and bigtech into banking which are now “not just a threat but real, and they are redefining banking customer expectations. And while the ability of challenger banks to run profitable business models was still a question mark, they are appealing to a new generation of customers by offering a simpler user experience.”

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