APS Bank hosts organisation-wide Teambuilding Programme

‘Collaboration, Communication and Cooperation’ was the theme of the latest training and development initiative launched by APS Bank, designed to strengthen interdepartmental team dynamics and foster a culture of collaborative excellence. These three pillars form the base upon which high-performing teams thrive, leveraging collective skills, knowledge, and resources towards shared objectives.

This bank-wide training brought together employees from different departments to engage in various immersive team activities, concluding the day with important takeaways. The feedback shared by participants following the sessions was very positive, many highlighting their appreciation for the opportunity to meet and build stronger working relationships with colleagues from other departments.

Janice Ellul, Career Development Manager commented, “Our Teambuilding Programme provided team members with practical skills to understand and further leverage each other’s strengths and differences. The Programme offered actionable tools to facilitate collaboration, enhance communication, and nurture a culture of trust across the organisation. It featured purpose-driven activities focusing on teamwork, problem-solving, conflict resolution, active listening, and effective feedback. Such initiatives help create a better work environment, where team members celebrate differences, fostering collective growth and success.”

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