Giving Back through Community Engagement

Ever since our inception back in 1910, community engagement has always been at the forefront of our business. APS Bank was established by the Gozitan Jesuit Fr Michael Vella who brought together a group of people, mainly professionals and merchants, motivated in part by a desire to help the working classes that lacked a viable welfare state. 

Fast forward to over a century later, APS Bank has become one of Malta’s leading financial institutions, employing over 550 individuals and boasting an extensive and holistic product portfolio.

How we’re contributing to the community

We’re constantly looking for ways to contribute and give back to the community by supporting multiple community projects and initiatives.

Our philosophy is to create partnerships that are just, sustainable and of mutual value. Our preference lies in working with umbrella organisations in order to ascertain a bigger impact rather than supporting individual endeavours. APS Bank gives substantial support to charitable, voluntary, and community projects that are aligned with the Bank’s purpose. We also have the APS Hub in St Julian’s, a space designed for people to meet and collaborate on the projects that mean most to them. The Hub also doubles up as a gallery for exhibitions, which can be viewed by all passing by. This space echoes what is most important to us, being at the centre of the community we serve, it reflects our commitment to sustainability, in its function by being free for all to use and even in its form, which can be seen in the furniture and design selected for this venue.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Through our CSR Programme, we communicate our purpose and corporate values; Excellence, Authenticity, Passion, Inclusiveness, and being Contemporary. The CSR Programme is a combination of curated events and activities, donations and sponsorships, that are chosen based on alignment with three CSR pillars: support of arts and culture, education, and sustainability.

This programme includes a range of activities with a broad appeal to reach different audiences. Such activities include: APS talks and APS Business talks delivered by professionals to share their knowledge with the general public; the Malta Sustainability Forum where the main objective is to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability, with the aim of empowering citizens to make conscious decisions towards a more sustainable life; APS Publications, which give an overview about economic factors in the Maltese Islands; and several other projects.

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