APS Bank signs Malta Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Julian Dingli (Executive, CORE Platform), Helga Ellul (President, CORE Platform), Julia Farrugia Portelli (Minister for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing), Rebecca Buttigieg (Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, Ministry for European Funds, Equality, Reforms and Social Dialogue), & Liana DeBattista (Chief Strategy Officer, APS Bank)

APS Bank proudly announces its endorsement of the Malta Diversity & Inclusion Charter, marking a significant commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the organisation. This initiative was launched by CORE Platform and supported by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

At a recent signing event, attended by dignitaries including the Minister for Inclusion and Social Wellbeing, Julia Farrugia Portelli and Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, Rebecca Buttigieg, APS Bank solidified its dedication to deliver consistent efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion as the first corporate entity to embrace the Charter’s principles.

During the event, Liana DeBattista, Chief Strategy Officer of APS Bank, stated, “We firmly believe that promoting an inclusive environment is not only the right thing to do but also a strategic imperative. We have in place a DEI Policy which aims to create an inclusive environment that respects the diversity of all our people. We have also formulated a DEI Strategy, supported by action plans with a view to achieve lasting and impactful change.” 

She further emphasised that APS Bank’s journey towards diversity and inclusion is ongoing, recognising the continuous need for learning and improvement. Ms DeBattista underscored the importance of listening to diverse perspectives to identify opportunities for enhancing organisational practices and positively impacting the wider community.

In further support of its commitment, APS Bank will be supporting and participating in the Malta Diversity and Inclusion Charter Conference on 22 May 2024, to be hosted at the Xara Lodge. For more information about the conference, visit core.org.mt.

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