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Introducing Google Wallet™

Google Pay™ is a fast, simple way to make contactless payments. Add your APS Card to Google Wallet and tap to pay.

Tap to pay

When ready to pay, hold your phone near the payment reader, and wait for the check mark to appear on the display.

Simple checkout on apps & websites

Look out for the Google Pay Acceptance mark or contactless symbol for easy and quick online transactions.

Secure payments

Google Pay keeps your card details safe, ensuring the security of your payment information.

How to add your APS Card to Google Wallet

1️⃣ Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play

2️⃣ Tap Add to Wallet

3️⃣ Tap Payment card

4️⃣ Enter card details

5️⃣ Tap Save

6️⃣ Read and confirm Issuer terms

7️⃣ Your APS Card has been added to your Wallet

8️⃣ Tap your APS Card from the home screen

9️⃣ Select Make default for contactless

🔟 Ready to tap, pay, and go!

Google Pay and Google Wallet are trademarks of Google LLC.

Apple Pay coming soon

Google Pay works with your APS Debit and Credit Cards.
APS Bank will refrain from applying any new constraints on tokenised transactions. The current limit restrictions on debit and credit cards will apply. No additional limits on cards added to Google Wallet have been introduced.
Yes, you can add as many cards as you want. If you want the same card on two different devices, you will need to add the card to each Google Wallet of the devices separately.
Yes, you can view the last 10 transactions made using Google Pay on your Google Wallet. You can also view these under Transaction history and on your statements available on myAPS.
You can use Google Pay in most countries, as long as the retailer accepts contactless payments. Look for the contactless payment symbol and Google Pay Acceptance mark at checkout to see if the store accepts mobile payments.
Report your card as lost or stolen by calling our Contact Centre on (+356) 2122 6644. Once you receive your new card, include it in your Google Wallet and start using it.
Call our Contact Centre on (+356) 2122 6644 for assistance.
When you change your device, you will need to add your card to Google Wallet on your new device. Be sure to remove your card from your Google Wallet if you no longer use or sell your device.  
Select the relevant card in your Google Wallet and tap Remove payment method at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Open the Fitbit app on your phone. Make sure your Fitbit is nearby.
  2. Select Google Wallet, then New credit or debit card.
  3. Scan your card with your camera or enter the card details manually.
  4. Add your card's three-digit security code. Select a method for your bank to verify your identity. You will have the option to have the code sent by SMS. Enter the verification code.
  5. Your card is now added to Google Pay.

Explore the APS Cards

APS Debit Cards

Our contactless debit card provides a quick and secure way to access your money. This card comes in 4 different colours, to choose the colour that best represents you.

APS Credit Cards

Our classic and gold credit cards come with no annual fee, various insurances, a cashback scheme and more.


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