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APS Funds SICAV plc holds its 14th Annual General Meeting

09/05/2022 16:00:00

Left to right: Sarah Curmi (Deloitte Malta Ltd), Josef Portelli (Managing Director, ReAPS Asset Management Ltd), Michela Borg Pirotta - Apex Corporate & Advisory Services Limited, Tony Meilak (Outgoing Chairman, APS Funds SICAV plc), Etienne Borg Cardona (Director, APS Funds SICAV plc), Graziella Bray (Director, APS Funds SICAV plc), and David Galea Souchet (newly appointed Chairman, APS Funds SICAV plc)

The 14th Annual General Meeting of APS Funds SICAV plc was held on 5th May 2022, livestreamed in keeping with public health safety and as permitted by regulations. Held under the chair of Mr Tony Meilak, the Meeting, apart from its usual business, was accompanied by presentations from David Lanzon and Michael Tabone, Portfolio Managers at ReAPS Asset Management Limited, who also gave an overview of the investment strategies being adopted for 2022.

The Annual General Meeting saw Mr Meilak stepping down as director and Chair, having expressed his intention to retire and not stand for re-election. He expressed the privilege he has had serving as Chairman of APS Funds SICAV plc, a UCITS company that keeps evolving and is led by a robust and energised Board. The Board thanked Mr Meilak for the valuable contribution made during his tenure and wished him well on his retirement and future endeavours. He is succeeded by Mr David Galea Souchet while Dr Graziella Bray and Mr Etienne Borg Cardona were re-confirmed as Directors. Deloitte Audit Ltd were re-confirmed as auditors of the Company.

David Galea Souchet is a seasoned financial services professional with a demonstrated track record in accounting, financial reporting, compliance, risk management as well as business development. He is an ACCA graduate and a Chartered Director, with experience across a wide spectrum of industries and regulated activities.

Follow the presentations to shareholders webcast on 5 May 2022 on the corporate website:

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