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PSD2: “Financial matters made simple” for APS Bank customers


In its latest effort to support financial literacy amongst its customers, APS Bank has published a user-friendly leaflet about the Payments Services Directive 2. The Directive will translate in better protection for consumers in the case of financial transactions and will come into force on 13 January 2018.


Payment Services Directive 2 APS Bank


The document contains comprehensive information as well as a number of Q&As addressing customers' most common concerns.

Free copies are available at all APS Bank branches and mini-branches.

"In an ever increasing complex financial world, full of regulations and jargon, this initiative, to be followed by other similar ones, has the objective to make financial matters simple and reinforce the proximity with our customers, very much in line with our values of being a community bank," said Hervé Delpech, APS Bank's Head of Strategy and Marketing.

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