Youth & Sport

Various initiatives taken by the Bank over the years aim at fostering active participation in sports, skill development, social integration, character formation and general positive values, particularly amongst youths. The sport sector has been a main beneficiary as witnessed by the numerous sponsorships of sports associations.

The Bank has extended its financial support to the Youth Football Association for a number of years, encouraged by the way the Association has effectively applied the funds allocated. As a result young football enthusiasts were able to benefit from actively participating in training and other competitive events.

Similarly, following the Bank’s financial support to the Malta Handball Association, the latter was able to direct resources to the smooth running of national leagues as well as development projects with the aim of increasing the number of youth practicing the game of handball.

Another sponsorship given by the Bank was toward the Malta Chess Foundation, which is one of Malta’s oldest associations focusing on youth development.

Indeed, chess is considers very beneficial for the younger generation since through this discipline one acquires a higher degree of judgement, strategic planning, maturity and self-dependency.

Other sports events that fell perfectly in line with the various initiatives taken by the Bank in this sector were organised by the Malta Cycling Federation and an abseiling event for charity.

The youths and students have always been at heart to the Bank and this was also manifested through collaborations with the Millenium Chapel, the Kummissjoni Djocesana Zghazagh(KDZ) and AEGEE-Valletta. The participation of a group of students in the World ExpoScience has also been supported.


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