Next APS talk: The architecture of care & nurture

The 31st APS talk, themed ‘The architecture of care & nurture,’ is scheduled for Thursday 18 January 2024, at 18:30. This engaging online session will showcase Rise International, a pioneering social enterprise founded by Daniela Gusman, a Maltese national. Daniela will present the organisation’s innovative approach to addressing poverty in Africa through entrepreneurial initiatives.

Joining Daniela are seven master’s degree students in Architecture from the University of Malta. Together, they will deliver compelling presentations unveiling ingenious solutions designed to alleviate childcare challenges faced by low-income workers in Lesotho’s jeans factories.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in private and international development sectors, Daniela Gusman is a seasoned professional. She has worked with multinational corporations such as British Steel, as well as grassroots NGOs like Kick4Life and Spark MicroGrants. Daniela’s extensive background includes serving on various NGO boards and working across Europe, Australia, Southern and Eastern Africa, and the USA. Her expertise spans international sales and marketing, public relations, business development, and social entrepreneurship. She has played key roles in strategic growth planning, launched successful social enterprises, and led diverse teams across multiple sectors.

Rise (Relationships Inspiring Social Enterprise) International, a non-profit social enterprise registered in the USA and Lesotho, focuses on economic development through job creation, skills development, and entrepreneurship, particularly in the built environment. The organisation connects aspiring entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities in low-income, sub-Saharan African countries to essential resources, significantly enhancing their chances of success.

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