APS Bank supports “The 5 Chairs”

APS Bank plc lent its support to “The 5 Chairs” Behavioural Masterclass, held on 28 and 29 September. This event was dedicated to equipping individuals with a powerful method for mastering their own behaviour and effectively managing the behaviours of others. By delving into various human skills, attitudes, and behaviours, the workshops promise to empower attendees with transformative abilities applicable across personal and professional spheres.

Rachael Blackburn, Head of Culture at APS Bank commented, “The APS Culture Deck – our single point of reference for the way we work at APS – includes many themes covered in the 5 Chairs, such as behavioural agility, conscious communication, and relationship mastery. We were very pleased to invite leaders from NGOs, who also strive to better serve our communities, to attend the masterclass along with our colleagues.”

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