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APS Bank holds first Townhall for 2020



APS Bank holds first Townhall for 2020

Left to right: Marcel Cassar presenting at theTownhall gathering; Panel discussion about the Business Plan; Ray Bonnici giving a detailed update about the measures the Bank was already putting in place in preparation for a COVID-19 outbreak

At the end of February, APS Bank assembled all staff at the San Gorg Corinthia Hotel for its first 2020 Townhall gathering. CEO Marcel Cassar opened the event with a presentation on the Bank’s performance for 2019 and plans for 2020. This was followed by a panel session between members from the Strategy team, who gave insights and elaborated on the Bank’s programme of work under the 2020-2022 Business Plan. This Townhall also marked the launch of the ‘Focus On’ award, where a unit or function is placed under the spotlight and recognised for its work. Graziella Dimech, Manager of APS Bank’s Contact Centre, highlighted the many tasks performed by her team, followed by a short video, highlighting the ‘Day in the life of a Contact Centre agent’.

At this event, the Bank also celebrated milestone anniversaries for 30 staff members who were presented with certificates, a memento and gifts for the occasion, depending on their length of service, ranging from 5 years to 30 years. Another session gave a round-up of the work of the Sports Activities Committee for 2019, featuring a video and presentation of the activities held. The first ‘Athlete of the Year Award’ went to Aaron Mifsud who received the largest number of votes in recognition of his achievements in running and athletics. The concluding part of the afternoon was a presentation by Ray Bonnici, Head of Human Capital, who gave a detailed update about the measures the Bank was already putting in place in preparation for a COVID-19 outbreak.

Frederick Mifsud Bonnici, APS Bank Chairman closed the Townhall, praising staff for their hard work and performance behind the 2019 results. He also addressed the issue of work life balance and how the Bank makes this a priority also by looking at the utmost flexibility in work arrangements.  


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