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APS Bank leaves a mark at the University of Malta Freshers’ Week



APS stand at Freshers’ Week

APS Bank is once again present at Freshers’ Week, the annual event at the start of the academic year. Students opening a Virtual Student Account will be getting a €50 cash gift upon receiving their first stipend in their APS account.  

The Bank’s presence this year is twofold. The APS Porta Cabin, permanently on campus, is hosting daily #APSMoneyTalks sessions where a Bank representative delivers a 15-minute talk on the basics of banking and students can pop by to have their financial-related questions answered. Visitors to these sessions are also receiving a reusable flask, which is proving to be very popular among the students, as well as juices and healthy bites. 

The second presence is the temporary stand which this year was given an eco-friendly and sustainable twist. Students can visit the APS stand to refill their water bottles with infused water, while also collecting a free bamboo toothbrush. The stand itself has a backdrop made from sustainable material and furniture made from recycled wood. 





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