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APS Bank launches ‘It Pays To Go Green’ campaign

10/10/2018 11:00:00

APS Bank Eco Loans 

APS Bank has launched an environment-motivated marketing campaign entitled “It Pays To Go Green”. As part of this promotion, the Bank’s Eco Loan was also revamped to cater for the wider demand of customers wanting to purchase items that have a positive impact on the environment. Energy saving and renewable energy products and systems, electric cars and energy efficient appliances fall within this category. 

The campaign aims to inspire people into action to protect the environment and represents the Bank’s on-going commitment to invest in the well-being of future generations. It was also designed to be completely paperless, using only digital communication channels to minimise the environmental impact.

By entering the “green space” on, readers will not only learn more about Eco Loans but will also discover how to make changes to their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly and adopt a more sustainable behaviour.  

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