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Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti and APS Bank plc sign partnership agreement

07/09/2021 15:00:00

Left to right: Marcel Cassar (CEO, APS Bank) and Joseph Grioli (Chairman, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti)

At a signing event held today at the Head Office of APS Bank in Swatar, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti (or “FPM”) entered into a long-term agreement under which it will have use of the Bank’s former main office at St Paul’s Street, Valletta transforming it into a permanent gallery and exhibition space. The historical palazzo, which will retain the name of “APS House”, will go through several months of upgrading and refurbishment that will create an outstanding art and cultural hub of international standard in Malta, ensuring optimal experience for the visitors.

The agreement marks a major step of collaboration between the two entities and will provide a new impetus to the acknowledgement and celebration of the rich Maltese artistic and cultural patrimony. As a long-time supporter of Malta’s heritage, APS Bank is once again taking the lead in demonstrating its engagement as an active community bank with this landmark patronage of FPM.

Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti is Malta’s leading privately-run entity focused on the preservation and promotion of the islands’ artistic and cultural heritage. Founded as a non-profit-making organization in 1992, throughout its thirty years of activity FPM has reached frontiers in the democratization of Maltese cultural heritage that are nothing less than exceptional.

Michael Lowell, FPM CEO and creative director said ‘Looking into taking FPM and its promotion of the Islands’ rich heritage into the future, under this agreement, these new gallery spaces in Malta’s capital Valletta will permanently house the Victor Pasmore Collection, now managed by FPM and also have available exhibition space for FPM to promote the local artist from the same period.”

Joseph Grioli, Chairman of FPM commented “I would like to especially thank APS Bank, because they are by far now our major sponsor. Without their help we would not be in a position to set up two galleries. I am sure we have started a very long-term collaboration together.”

Marcel Cassar, CEO of APS Bank commented: “Today is a red-letter day for Malta’s artistic and cultural heritage and in the history of Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti. APS Bank is proud to be making one of its most prestigious buildings available for the further promotion of our islands’ rich legacy and its enjoyment by the public and visitors at large”.

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