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APS Bank organising APS Investment Chats

02/07/2021 15:00:00


APS Bank is organising the first-ever 'APS Investment Chats'. This is an online Zoom event consisting of 5 sessions, each tackling the most topical investment subjects, while helping people become more fluent in the world of investment. These chats will be held daily between the 5th and 9th July, starting at 6pm.

A number of experts in the field, both from the Bank and externally, have been brought onboard to participate in these sessions. The topics they will cover include ‘Getting Started with investing’, ‘Sustainable investing’, ‘Planning your pensions’, ‘COVID-19 and the local investment market’ and ‘Investment market trends’.

Noel McCarthy, Chief Investments Officer at APS Bank commented that “As a Bank we have invested heavily in our investment services offering and as part of our strategy we are organising the APS Investment Chats to help increase awareness on the importance of investing. During these sessions we are also giving the audience the opportunity to submit their questions online and have the experts answering these questions.”

Those interested can join the sessions by registering at Once registered, participants will receive an e-mail with a link to join the Chat on the day. Registration is free and one can join as many sessions as they please.

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