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Next APS talk announced - Connecting Malta and Lesotho through architectural design



Next APS talk announced - Connecting Malta and Lesotho through architectural design

On Thursday 6th August, APS Bank will be hosting its sixteenth APS talk, titled ‘Connecting Malta and Lesotho through architectural design'. This talk will be presented by Daniela Gusman, founder of rise International, a social enterprise focusing on youth employment through entrepreneurship and architecture. The talk will take attendees through the project organised by rise International, where students in Malta were given the opportunity to learn how to design in a very different social, cultural, and economic context to that which they are used to. The main tool of investigation was participatory design.

Pedro Clarke will also be a speaker during the talk and will be presenting insights into participatory design. Mr Clarke is an architect and co-director of the in loco programme at rise International. He graduated in architecture from FAUP, Portugal in 2007, following a year-long experience building a safe house for a local NGO in Lesotho. He has completed an MA degree in Development and Emergency Practice at CENDEP/ Oxford Brookes University.

This will be followed by presentations on the projects from three students, with concluding remarks by Professor Alex Torpiano, the Dean of the Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of Malta since 2008, as well as the current Executive President of Din l-Art Helwa.

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