Apart from traditional deposit accounts, we also provide a wide selection of investment and insurance products as well as complimentary financial planning services through our Investment Services Unit.

Our dedicated team of staff is qualified, experienced and trained to help you in important investment decisions and are adequately licensed to provide reliable financial advice.

This Unit offers financial consultancy without being tied to one provider, thus retaining an independent status to be able to provide unbiased recommendations in your interest through a one-to-one personalised approach.

The service is also extended to our branch network and operates on an execution only basis.

Contact the Investment Services Unit on

As part of the implementation of the EU Directive entitled "Markets in Financial Instruments" (MiFID) APS Bank is disclosing herewith its Terms of Business of best execution and conflicts of interest policy. Download a copy of the booklet.
APS Bank Ltd is licensed to undertake the business of Banking and to conduct Investment Services business by the Malta Financial Services Authority and is enrolled in the Tied Insurance Intermediaries List under the Insurance Intermediaries Act 2006
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