Deposit Accounts

Hereunder is a list of the various deposit accounts available from APS Bank.

Current Account

A current account is also referred to as a cheque account. Cheques are still a very popular method of payment offering convenience for the account holder. The minimum deposit required to open a current account is €25.

When opening a current account, the account holder has the option to apply for APS Bank’s 365 Online service, through which the account may be managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Bank’s online service. Current Account holders also receive APS Bank’s Visa Debit Card. This is an international debit card that may be used to withdraw cash from any ATM displaying the Visa sign and effect deposits from the Bank's Bulk Deposit Machines. The APS Bank Visa Debit Card may be also used to effect purchases from any retail outlet displaying the Visa sign.




[Download] Current Account - Terms & Conditions [Old]
[Download] Current Account - Terms & Conditions [New]*

* For accounts opened from 3rd June 2019 onwards, these Terms & Conditions will apply immediately.

For accounts opened prior to 3rd June 2019, these Terms & Conditions will apply.

[Download] Dishonoured Cheques Code of Conduct


Savings Account

APS Bank’s Savings Account has been developed to strengthen the financial security and the general well-being of your loved ones when it matters most. 

When opening a savings account, you will have the option to use APS Bank’s 365 Online service, whereby the funds deposited in the account can be managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Bank’s website service. The minimum deposit required to open a savings account is €25.

[Download] APS Savings Account -Terms & Conditions [Old]

[Download] APS Savings Account -Terms & Conditions [New]*

* For accounts opened from 3rd June onwards, these Terms & Conditions will apply immediately.
For accounts opened prior to 3rd June 2018, these Terms & Conditions will apply

Virtual Account

Our virtual account is the first step to a more modern and efficient way of banking with more convenience for our customers and less paper and time wastage. It also offers a more attractive interest rate on deposits. Learn more.

International Student Savings Account

If you are a foreign student and would like to open a Savings Account, look no further than our International Student Savings Account here.

Teen Plus Account (available only for existing First Coin Account customers)

Teen Plus is an account tailor-made for teenagers aged between 13 and 18 years to provide a short to medium term savings proposition in their formative years. We have designed the product to adapt to the financial needs of a teenager. Learn more.

Cash and cheque deposits can be made

  • at any APS Bank branch
  • at any APS ATM / Express Deposit Machine
Basic Payment account
The Basic Payment Account gives you the flexibility to receive and make payments whenever you like. With this Account, you will also have access to a VISA Debit Card to deposit and withdraw money at your convenience. In order to apply for the Basic Payment Account, you must be legally residing in an EU country and do not hold another Deposit Account in Malta. Click here for more information
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