VISA Debit Card

Visa Debit Card

The APS VISA Debit Card offers a fast, convenient and safe way to pay for purchases worldwide and with chip and pin technology you can put your mind at rest on the highest form of card security available.

This card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide, giving access to APS Bank current account, whether at home, travelling or online.  You can use your APS Bank VISA Debit card when shopping at the supermarket, dining at a restaurant, shopping on the internet, renting a car or paying the hotel bill. The APS Bank VISA debit card may also be used to withdraw foreign currency cash from thousands of ATMs and banks worldwide.

Transactions effected through the card are visible on the APS Bank current account statement issued every month. This lists all the card transactions and other movements made in the account over the preceding month in one easy to follow listing.

A daily withdrawal limit of €1,000 is set to safeguard the customer's interest in case of loss of card. This limit may be adjusted subject to customers' needs and may be totally waived especially when the customer plans to travel abroad.

Other features

  • VISA Debit card withdrawals are directly debited to the current account
  • No Bank interest charged (as is the case with the credit cards)
  • No fees
  • No charge on cash withdrawals from APS and BOV ATMs.

Using the New VISA Chip and PIN Card

  • When you go to pay, the cashier will put the card into the card reader or ask you to put it in yourself;
  • The card reader will recognise that it is a Chip and PIN card and will proceed with a chip and PIN transaction;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Check the amount and enter the secret four-digit PIN on the PIN pad followed by the ENTER key when asked to confirm the payment;
  • The PIN is not displayed. You will only see asterisks (****), make sure nobody is looking at the keypad over your shoulder;
  • If you make a mistake, press clear and re-enter your PIN;
  • In restaurants and other places where tipping is commonplace, one may be given the choice of entering a tip or new amount before entering his/ her PIN;
  • The screen will show if the transaction has been verified and you will be issued a receipt as normal.

Cards - Terms & Conditions*

*Terms & Conditions covering Premier Card Holders

Visa Debit Card - Terms & Conditions - NEW effective from 3rd June 2019

Termini u Kundizzjonijiet ghall-VISA Debit Card 


If any of the Debit Cards is lost or stolen or is liable to be misused or the Cardholder suspects that someone else has discovered the PIN, they must notify the Bank immediately by using the Bank’s emergency telephone numbers:

During office hours: 2122 6644  and Outside office hours: 2123 4821



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