Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Since 1910, we have been by our customers’ side to address their needs and support them in the achievement of their goals and dreams.


In addition to a complete range of personal, business and investment banking products and services, we strive to make the banking experience simpler and more personal. Inspired by our commitment to social, economic, and environmental progress, we ensure we provide our stakeholders with opportunities to grow.


"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" underlines our stability and reliability as a banking partner and our unwavering commitment to continue supporting our communities with their financial matters, through a truly personal customer experience, while contributing to a more sustainable future.




What We offer

A full range of products and services are offered to meet our customer needs.

We have structured our portfolio of services around three key areas: Personal, Business and Investments.


Personal Banking

We offer a suite of personal banking services, from different loan solutions to the myAPS internet and mobile banking service. Our branch network consists of 10 branches in Malta and 1 in Gozo When it comes to loans, our commitment remains to make your lending experience less stressful by providing personalised service and expert guidance.


Business Banking

We offer a personalised relationship management service and tailor-made solutions to support the needs of your business. Through their experience and industry specific knowledge, our team of Relationship Managers offer bespoke guidance and advice.



We provide a wide selection of investment, pension, and insurance products as well as complimentary financial planning guidance. Our portfolio also includes the APS SICAV Funds, which is a range of Funds managed by our dedicated team of professionals.

How we contribute to a more sustainable future

In line with its Vision to be The Community Bank, APS Bank had the opportunity in 2020 to demonstrate its commitment to the communities it serves: employees, customers, business partners and the Maltese community at large, like never before.

Last year the pandemic created an unprecedented situation where every individual was impacted in some way or another; be it directly, through a family member or a friend being tested positive and through the fear for a child or even indirectly, through a growing feeling of insecurity and powerlessness.

In these unprecedent times, the Bank held onto its “raison d’etre” that is of CARING. Caring about the World, caring about its Communities.

This is particularly true in the domain of Arts and Culture, which was recognised a few weeks ago when APS was awarded the 2021 National Prize for the Promotion of Arts & Culture by the Arts Council Malta.


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Telephone: (+356) 21226644



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