Personal Pension Plan

Top up your Pension

We all live with the expectation that a time will come when all our hard work will have paid off and we’ll get to enjoy retirement.

However, our cost of living is on the rise. And the value of a euro today will undoubtedly have decreased by the time you reach retirement.

By supplementing your State pension with your own personal pension plan, you’re taking control of your future and the life you want to lead after you retire.

What is the APS Personal Pension Plan?

The APS Personal Pension Plan is the long-term plan you need for peace of mind and flexibility in your pension savings and investments.

When taking out an APS Personal Pension Plan, you will:

  • Make regular contributions into your pension plan
  • Have a range of investment strategies to choose from
  • Choose between receiving your pension either as a tax-free lump sum plus an income or all as an income
  • Have online access to your pension plan portal.

Your APS Pension Plan Journey

What tax relief will you get?

Through the APS Personal Pension Plan, you will benefit from a tax rebate of 25% of your annual contributions (up to a maximum of €750 per year). What this means is that if you pay €3,000 into your APS Personal Pension Plan, you’ll receive €750 back as tax rebate.

Why choose APS?

At APS, we understand the importance of avoiding financial burdens in the future. Retirement is a time to focus on family, travel and other activities that bring us joy; it should certainly not be a time to worry about money.

With APS, you’ll receive expert advice from the get-go. We transform financial worry into financial security, leaving you free to focus on exciting plans for the future. With the APS Personal Pension Plan, we are helping you prepare for the longest holiday of your life.

Want to know more?

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Download the Scheme Particulars

The information in this page is general background information and should not be interpreted as financial, legal or tax advice. Prospective members should strongly consider obtaining independent financial, legal and tax advice before making any decision which could affect his/her investment and pension. The value of investments may rise as well as fall and currency fluctuations may affect the value of the investment. For further information relating to membership in The APS Personal Pension Plan, please refer to the Scheme Document or alternatively contact

Future changes in law and taxation could affect the treatment of the scheme and the amount of tax payable and all references to taxation are based on our understanding of current taxation law and practice as of June 2021. In order to establish their own tax status, prospective participants should seek professional tax advice.

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