Next APS talk: Olive tree pruning & olive oil quality

The 30th talk of the APS talks series, ‘Olive tree pruning & olive oil quality’, will be presented by Prof. David Mifsud. For this special edition of the APS talks series, happening on Saturday 18 November 2023, from 10:00 – 12:00, Prof. Mifsud will be delivering the talk and giving a live pruning demonstration at an olive orchard in Wardija.

Right now, many are those who are hand-picking olives and cold pressing them to produce olive oil. There are several parameters that need to be addressed to produce good quality olive oil and conserve its organoleptic properties for a longer period of time. All this will be discussed in detail during the talk. Apart from this, Prof. Mifsud and his team will perform live olive pruning so that interested parties can learn better how pruning of olive trees should be done. The session will be recorded and uploaded to the Bank’s YouTube channel.

Prof. Mifsud graduated with BSc and MSc from the University of Malta and pursued his studies in Basel, Switzerland, where he earned a PhD in Zoology in 2001. He was awarded the fellowship of the Linnean Society (FLS) and that of the Royal Entomological Society (FRES) and was also admitted Member of the Order of Merit (Ġieh Ir-Repubblika) in 2016. He is Associate Professor at the Institute of Earth Systems and Director of the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Malta. He is also President of the Entomological Society of Malta and founder of the Association of Maltese Apiculturists.

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