Next APS talk: At War with Myself

The upcoming APS talk on Thursday 18 May 2023 will be delivered by Rachael Hollwey. She will share the reality of living with a mental illness, in particular anorexia nervosa and depression, to better understand what is happening inside the mind of someone who has been diagnosed with similar conditions. She will give advice for those caring for individuals experiencing mental health conditions and share a few words of advice from her parents and explain how a full recovery is possible.

She will also introduce the topic of what it is like to be diagnosed with an incurable rare disease that had been previously hidden, and how she now continues to live a good quality of life despite the lack of help and challenges faced on a daily basis.

Rachael Hollwey was born in the UK, resides in Malta and New Zealand as she must live in a warm climate due to her health. She has fought against severe anorexia and depression, with 5 years spent in hospital. After being part of a scientific study, she managed to fully recover and began to live a very happy life. Until she was then diagnosed with an incurable, rare disease with many serious complications. She tries to live the best life she possibly can with a positive mindset, and her main life ambition is to help others to do the same.

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