New investments section added to myAPS internet and mobile banking

APS Bank has introduced an enhancement for the personal investment customers on myAPS internet and mobile banking. A new ‘Investments’ tab has been added, allowing customers to monitor their investments via myAPS. This service allows users to effortlessly view investment balances and positions at different dates both on desktop and app. Eliminating the need to visit a branch or await quarterly statements, customers can now enjoy instant access to their investment information. Additionally, from the web portal, customers can export reports in various formats, including PDF, CSV, and Excel. Clicking on each investment reveals comprehensive details, including ISIN, quantity held, unit cost, total cost, asset class, price, total market value, investment currency, percentage assets, unrealised gains or losses, industry group, and sector.

Noel McCarthy, Chief Investments Officer at APS Bank, emphasised, ” These enhancements offer customers immediate and comprehensive insights into their investments and we have exciting plans in the pipeline to elevate our customers’ experience even further, as we are committed to continuously improve the quality of our service.”

This enhancement is part of the latest upgrades performed on myAPS internet and mobile banking service. For more information, please visit

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