New accessibility functions on APS Bank’s website

As part of the Bank’s ongoing website enhancement efforts, a new and improved accessibility function has been introduced, to ensure a seamless and inclusive browsing experience for all users.

The key additions include content, colour and orientation adjustments as well as different accessibility profiles for users to choose from according to their needs, such as:

  • Seizure Safe Profile: ensures a safe browsing experience for individuals with epilepsy with the removal of flashing or blinking animations and colour combinations known to trigger seizures.
  • ADHD Friendly Profile: reduces distractions and provides a more focused browsing experience for neurodivergent users;
  • Vision Impaired Profile: enhances the website’s visuals so that it is accessible to most visual impairments and
  • Screen-reader optimisation: makes the website compatible with screen reader software installed on blind users’ devices.

Aida Cassola, Brand and Marketing Manager stated, “Our website is continually evolving to better serve our diverse community of users. We take great pride in introducing these new accessibility features. At APS, inclusion is not just a value, it’s a commitment we strive to fulfil every day. These enhancements mark a significant step forward in our journey to provide an inclusive online experience for all our customers.” To learn more about the accessibility features available, click on the circular, orange icon on the left-hand side of any page on the Bank’s website:

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