APS Bank was established in Malta in 1910 by the Unione Cattolica San Giuseppe as a savings bank to meet contemporary economic needs. It was transferred to the archdiocese of Malta in 1948. Over the years it developed into a leading banking and financial services provider and it is proud to be able to offer these services to both private and corporate clients both locally and overseas. 

As part of its corporate responsibility, APS Bank is always ready to initiate or support worthy projects in the local community, including the promotion of Malta’s historic, literary and cultural heritage. In music, this took the form of bringing to light sacred music written by renowned Maltese composers, in the form of an annual concert. The Bank also decided to record the selected music on compact disc to further contribute towards a better understanding and appreciation of Maltese sacred music. As from 2007, the Bank extended its commitment through initiatives which support the composition of new works. 

APS Bank’s music programme has so far led to the production of 18 CDs, recorded by Gega New of Bulgaria, each accompanied by a wide-ranging and meticulously researched booklet with information about the composers, their accomplishments, and the era’s musical milieu.

APS Bank Sacred Music CDs

These CDs are available both locally and internationally. Please click here if you would like to purchase any CDs from our collection.


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APS Bank plc is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a Credit Institution under the Banking Act 1994 and to carry out Investment Services activities under the Investment Services Act 1994. The Bank is also registered as a Tied Insurance Intermediary under the Insurance Distribution Act 2018.