APS Kapital Plus 16

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APS Kapital Plus 16

What is APS Kapital Plus 16? 

This is a capital-guaranteed structured deposit account offering a fixed annual interest rate and a potential maturity bonus payment at account maturity date.

Features & benefits

  • Limited offer
  • Minimum deposit of €5000, fixed for 6 years
  • Regular interest of 0.50% (gross) per annum, paid annually
  • Denominated in Euro
  • No initial or annual charges
  • Potential additional bonus at maturity date
  • Capital and annual income interest guaranteed
  • Combining potential for additional bonus with the stability of a fixed-term deposit

How does the potential, additional bonus work? 

This bonus is based on the performance of the APS Multi-Asset Strategy 6% Volatility Target EUR Strategy No. 1. 

↗ If this index does well, you will benefit from this bonus at maturity date, in addition to the guaranteed capital. 

↘ If this index performs negatively, you will not benefit from this bonus yet still receive your capital at maturity date. 

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