Exchange Rates

Rates as at 28th September 2022


 Middle rate 

GBP Pound Sterling


JPY Japanese Yen 


CHF Swiss Franc


USD US Dollar


CAD Canadian Dollar


DKK Danish Krone


NOK Norwegian Krone


AUD Australian Dollar


SEK Swedish Krona


These Exchange Rates are issued daily (Monday to Friday) before 10 a.m. and are to be used for indicative purposes only. They may be different from those actually quoted when the transaction is effected. Actual quoting of exchange rates is available from any branch of the bank or by contacting the Customer Support Centre on 2122 6644 or by email on Rates are not quoted on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

For amounts greater than €15,000 contact Treasury Unit on 2560 3280. Our staff will be pleased to provide you with exchange rates for your specific transactions.

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