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‘Deciphering food labels’ covered during latest APS talk



‘Deciphering food labels’ covered during latest  APS talk


Prof. Suzanne Piscopo was the speaker at the latest APS talk, ‘Deciphering food labels: Fats, frogs & more’ presented on 20 February, 2020. A large audience gathered at the APS Centre Conference Room to hear about how to make informed choices based on food labels, in relation to such matters as health, environment, human or animal welfare.

As stated by Prof. Piscopo "Every consumer has a right to know where their food is coming from, how it was produced and what it contains. Although it has been said that reading food labels 'will not save the world', at the end of the day the food label is one tool consumers have to make food choices for their own, their family's and planetary wellbeing."

Prof. Piscopo is an Associate Professor within the Department of Health, Physical Education and Consumer Studies at the Faculty of Education of the University of Malta. Besides being a Registered Nutritionist and a Registered European Health Promotion Practitioner, Prof. Piscopo was also one of the 20 speakers of the first ever Malta Sustainability Forum organised by APS Bank last November.

We invite you to view the videos of our previous APS talks, available on the APS Bank YouTube channel.  

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