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APS Bank launches ‘Future Banker Programme’



APS Bank launches ‘Future Banker Programme’


APS Bank recently launched the ‘Future Banker Programme’, a training initiative by which the Bank invests in developing a number of staff members to become ‘Digital Champions’ playing a key role in the digital transformation of the Bank. 

All staff members were invited to apply for this programme and 11 were shortlisted to be enrolled on this 12-month programme. The ‘Digital Champions’ will be trained as subject matter experts and will follow a programme of masterclasses and workshops delivered by a mix of local and international speakers. Subjects include Cloud Technologies, Payments and Transfers, Fintech/Open Market, Data Science and Big Data, Robotics/Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Design/Marketing, Blockchain Strategy and Internet of things. Besides theoretical sessions, the Bank will also create opportunities for staff members to gain practical experience in a related environment.

Ray Bonnici, Head of Human Capital stated that “The Future Banker Programme will ensure the Bank has the expertise required to compete in the ever-evolving technological age, and provide our employees with opportunity to learn and grow, allowing them wider responsibilities and exposure within the Bank. This programme is a unique local initiative, supporting our Employer Brand and delivers against our promise of Employer of Choice.”

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