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APS Bank supports Greentrips



APS Bank supports Greentrips

Marco Kreuger (left) being presented with the award by APS Bank Chief Strategy Officer, Hervé Delpech (right)

APS Bank proudly supported the Malta Sustainable Mobility Challenge – Greentrips, who have organised a nationwide challenge, where commuters were recognised and rewarded for their positive mobility behaviour. The platform aims to change travel behaviour in Malta towards more sustainability, as Malta today is facing problems with high traffic volume, parking shortage, deteriorating environmental conditions and public health concerns attributable to CO2 emissions and other pollutants from transport. 

The first challenge in October 2019 attracted about 40 participants and Marco Krueger was announced the winner, as he used a total of 5 different green modes of transport, being the most multimodal participant overall. The award of €350 was presented to Mr Krueger by Hervé Delpech, Chief Strategy Officer at APS Bank, who commented that, “We are honoured to be supporting such a challenge, especially since it is in line with our value to promote sustainability.” 

If you are committed to sustainability sign up to the Malta Sustainability Forum Manifesto: You can also visit and for more information.

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