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APS Bank sponsored “Future of Cities” workshop at EY attractiveness conference



APS Bank sponsored “Future of Cities” workshop at EY attractiveness conference



As part of its commitment to Sustainability, the Bank has partnered with EY Attractiveness conference to bring the topic of “circular economy” to the public space. The workshop animated by Gianluca Di Pasquale, EY Global Smart Infrastructure and Future of Cities Leader, highlighted the need to act now, to ensure a more sustainable future for the generations to come and for each individual and organisation to adopt a “reduce/reuse/recycle” behaviour.

Cities consume 2/3 of world’s energy and are responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas emission but 80% of GDP. To meet the 1.5-degree trajectory set by the Paris agreement, the need for a combined effort between the different stakeholders (public and private sectors, regulator, European institutions) and incentive at individual and corporation level was also discussed. 

Herve Delpech, APS Bank Chief Strategy Officer commented: “In line with our vision to be The Community Bank in Malta, we acknowledge the importance of education for a more sustainable lifestyle. Building greater awareness and encouraging people to get into action, and protect the world of today for future generations is not an option, it is a must”.


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