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APS Bank organises myAPS Help sessions for its new Omni-Channel



Scott Lee Holloway, APS Bank Voice of the Customer Officer presenting during the session

The Bank has been organising a number of sessions designed to assist senior clients with signing up to the new ‘myAPS’ Omni Channel internet and mobile banking system. These meetings were an initiative of the Bank in conjunction with the National Association of Pensioners, who supported the idea as a way of helping those who might be less digitally savvy.  

The sessions were presented by Scott Lee Holloway, APS Bank Voice of the Customer Officer, together with Sharon Grech from Sliema Branch, with support from Roberta Portelli from the IT Quality Assurance team. The talk covered the sign-up process, as well as common tasks such as sending payments, setting up standing orders and ordering a new VISA debit card or PIN code. Following the presentation, the team assisted attendees in actually signing up and getting started with the myAPS system. 

From the feedback forms which were disseminated after the session, one of the attendees commented that, “The session was informative, helpful and very well organised. It definitely shows that the Bank cares about its clients.” 

For assistance on signing up to the new myAPS Omni Channel, please visit the help site: 



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