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APS Bank holds second ‘Townhall’ for 2019



APS Bank holds second ‘Townhall’ for 2019

On Friday 23rd August, APS Bank staff members gathered at The Corinthia St George's Bay Hotel for the bi-annual ‘Townhall’ meeting.

CEO Marcel Cassar introduced the event, thanking staff for their performance and contribution to the positive half-yearly results recently announced. He then elaborated on the achievements looked at through the lens of the Bank’s values, the outlook for 2019 and the challenges ahead. CFO Noel McCarthy then made a presentation of the financial results, analysing numbers and performance indicators in more depth. 

A highlight of the Townhall was the presentation by Josef Portelli, Head of Investment Management, in which he outlined the role of the Investment Management Department, the activities of ReAPS Asset Management Limited, the Bank’s wholly owned subsidiary and the products and services on offer and others in the pipeline.

Chairman Frederick Mifsud Bonnici closed the event by once again commending the staff for their contribution while making reference to the Bank’s plans for prioritising the work-life balance of its employees, especially in today’s demanding conditions.   

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