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‘Blockchain for the good of all’ discussed in the APS Talks

13/04/2019 06:00:00

JP Fabri presenting at the APS talks


APS Bank recently organised the fourth APS talk titled, “Blockchain for the good of all”. The series sees specialists sharing their knowledge and expertise on various topics for the benefit of the community. The lecture was presented by JP Fabri, an economist by profession and a certified blockchain strategy advisor from Said Business School.

Mr Fabri’s message was that blockchain is a revolutionary technology and can be a force for good. The challenge ahead is to have an understanding of how blockchain can improve lives and enhance efficiencies across industries and countries. Mr Fabri concluded by commenting, “It is commendable for APS Bank to promote this technology beyond the hype of cryptocurrencies. The engagement of the audience during the talk highlights the interest and curiosity in blockchain.”


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