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APS Bank further enhances its Core Banking System


Abstract from BML Istisharat Newsletter

Abstract from BML Istisharat Newsletter

Three years ago APS Bank went live with its new core banking system, ICBS, developed by BML Istisharat. A recent publication of the Beirut-based software house’s newsletter carried a feature on the latest collaboration to further develop and expand the system. 

Jonathan Caruana, APS Bank’s Chief Technology Officer, commented: “The Bank is committed to maintain, develop and enhance its core banking infrastructure. This latest upgrade is focused on building modules related to the regulatory reporting framework. Further upgrades are being tested to support our digital banking solution to be launched soon.”

Upgrades include enhancements to the Customer On-boarding and Customers Information System, allowing for the information required to be collected and reported in a timely manner.

To read the newsletter by BML Istisharat, which reports on the ongoing projects with APS Bank please visit:


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