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APS Bank Photo Competition Results


APS Bank Photo Competition - Time to care...

The results of the photo competition are out! Join us in congratulating the winners.

1st Place - Salvatore Mercieca  - Plastic Sea

2nd Place - Aron Tanti - Beauty and the Beast

3rd Place - Jonathan Borg - Yay or nay?

4-12th Place (In alphabetical order and not in order of classification):

Jonathan Borg  - Man-made structures

Stephen Buhagiar - Cleaning the Seas

Mario Cucciardi - Shadows of Sustainable Choices 

Luke Formosa - Progress

Fredrick Muscat - Valletta Skyline 

Martin Psaila - Hope

Rene Rossignaud - Storm 

Marconia Schembri - Time to stop 

Aron Tanti - Festa Litter 


Winners will be contacted shortly and photos will be published at a later date.

Thank you for your participation.


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