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Second 'Townhall' for 2018 at APS Bank


Mr Marcel Cassar presenting at the APS Bank ‘Townhall’ Meeting 

On Friday 31st August 2018, APS Bank personnel assembled at The Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana for their second ‘Townhall’ Meeting this year. 

APS Bank CEO Marcel Cassar gave a presentation which covered the financial performance for the first half of the current financial year and the various projects under way. The presentation also included an overview of the product initiatives under way, a taste of the 2019-2021 Business Planning process, which is at a very advanced stage, and of the outlook for the rest of 2018. 

Speaking positively about the good results achieved and the strong momentum which the Bank is experiencing, Cassar cautioned that the “financial services industry landscape is constantly evolving with technology, regulation, customers and people placing increasing challenges on our business model and resources.” He noted that this required “consistently high standards of conduct and a business ethic which was customer-focused and left no room for complacency”. Amongst other things, the Bank will be investing more on training and continued professional development of its staff.

Frederick Mifsud Bonnici, APS Bank Chairman, concluded the Meeting by complementing the staff for their excellent performance and emphasising the importance that they maintain high levels of service, always keeping the customer’s perspective primary in their work. 

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