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Ongoing investment in human capital at APS Bank


APS Bank Human Capital 2018

The first half of 2018 has been a particularly busy one for the Human Capital team at APS Bank. The steady recruitment of new staff at various levels of the organisation, from senior management to more junior front liners, has been complemented by a development programme that promotes individual competences and personal growth.

These included a Staff Townhall, the Quarterly Management Update meetings and an offsite, 3-day live-in event for Senior Management on ‘Strategic Leadership’, involving expert coaches and facilitators from the UK and Malta. Other offsite events included preparatory workshops on the 2019-2021 Business Plan as well as focused training on risk governance, involving members of the Board of Directors and Management and facilitated also by foreign specialists. These workshops and similar strategy meetings are continuing and being cascaded to various levels of Management while other staff training initiatives continue across the board.

“By providing our employees with continuous development opportunities, we are encouraging them to set higher standards for themselves and ultimately this feeds into a more positive development culture at the Bank”, commented APS Bank’s Head of Human Capital, Ray Bonnici.

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