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Pave your way to higher education with the 2018 Youth Specialisation Studies Scheme




If you’re a student aged between 18 and 30 years, aspiring towards career specialisation by studying abroad, you may fully finance your way there by applying for the YSSS.

The Youth Specialisation Studies Scheme, brought to you thanks to a collaboration between Agenzija Zghazagh and APS Bank, grants each borrower up to €30,000 at a subsidised interest rate. The sum is repayable over a maximum of 10 years.

Whether you wish to enrol into a first degree, a post-graduate degree, or a distance learning programme, the YSSS will help you specialise in one of the following areas: aerospace, health and biotechnology, digital games production, veterinary studies, agriculture and marine studies, youth work, sport, nature conservation, specialised restoration and the arts.

The facility also gives you the benefits of free travel insurance and a free VISA Debit Card, as well as the option of a capital repayment holiday lasting up to five years. However the participation in the Scheme is also subject to obligations as included in the product’s Terms and Conditions.

Submit your YSSS application through by not later than noon of Friday, 15th June, 2018. The product is issued by APS Bank Ltd, licensed as a Credit Institution by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

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