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APS Bank commemorates Earth Hour Day by giving away eco-stationery


This year, APS Bank has joined efforts with organisations across the world to take action towards climate change. The Bank will be giving away eco-stationery during the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change’s event on March 24th, with the theme “let nature shine”.

The event, taking place in front of the Parliament building in Valletta, will consist of the screening of a documentary film about environmental issues, as well as a lights-off of the Parliament building, the surrounding square as well as a number of monuments from 20.30hrs to 21.30hrs.

Eco-stationery, produced from recycled material, will be given out for free to attendants who will be visiting the site and watching the documentary.

APS Bank Earth Hour Day 2018 eco-stationery

“Eco-friendliness is not just a choice the Bank is making to focus its CSR efforts on, but a shared responsibility of our society. By doing this small gesture, APS Bank hopes to inspire more companies to join in”, said Hervé Delpech, APS Bank’s Head of Strategy & Marketing.

Earth Hour Day is an annual worldwide initiative undertaken by several organisations promoting the preservation of the planet. It is overseen by Earth Hour GlobalTM, the global charity set up by the World Wildlife Fund that can be traced back to a lights out in Sydney, Australia in 2007. 

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