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APS Bank supports the ‘Schranz Family of Artists’ Exhibition


APS Bank is proud to be supporting an exhibition which marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival in Malta of the first artist from the celebrated Schranz family.

Schranz Family of Artists Exhibition APS Bank

‘The Schranz family of artists - a journey of rediscovery' is the name of an exhibition being organised by Heritage Malta at Fort St. Elmo, Valletta. It brings together their rich heritage by showcasing around 180 works from public and private collections including the Royal Trust and the UK Government.

After travelling across the world, artist Anton Schranz and his wife Isabella Howard Tudurí settled in Malta in 1818, and four of their children inherited his artistic trait, including Giovanni, his eldest, who also passed on the gene to three of his children. With 8 artists born over 3 generations, some being females, the Schranz family thrived in an environment of diversity - and the purpose behind this exhibition is to enable the audience to see their lithographs, watercolours, oils and colours in this very context.

"We are proud to be backing an initiative which epitomises diversity in many forms. We encourage anyone who is not yet familiar with the Schranz family's raw artistic talent to join us in witnessing it", said APS Bank's Head of Strategy and Marketing, Hervé Delpech.

The exhibition was launched on Friday, 9th March and will be open to the public between the Saturday 10th March, between 09.00hrs and 17.00hrs (except for Good Friday).

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