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Malta Microfinance signs MOU with APS Bank

13/03/2017 17:00:00

Malta Microfinance Chairperson, Christina Lejman and APS Bank’s Chief Financial Officer, Noel Mc Carthy, signing the memorandum of understanding

APS Bank and Malta Microfinance recently signed a memorandum of understanding which will see the two institutions co-operating on various fronts.

Malta Microfinance is an MFSA-licensed, non-profit financial institution active in the area of micro-lending particularly to segments that often have limited access to banking services, such as migrants and small start-ups. APS Bank will be co-operating with Malta Microfinance by offering technical and financial assistance, including mentoring of these aspiring entrepreneurs. 

“By supporting individuals set up their business, this framework for cooperation is also giving them the opportunity to build a new life in Malta. We thank APS Bank for their willingness to help us achieve this,” said Malta Microfinance Chairperson, Christina Lejman.  

“There is ample value to be gained from this collaboration. We are helping people achieve their goals, whilst encouraging employee volunteerism and fulfilling our responsibilities towards the community”, commented Noel McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer at APS Bank.

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