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Second EU fund launched by APS for SMEs loan requirements


Second EU fund launched by APS for SMEs loan requirements

Following the launch of the InnovFin SME Guarantee, APS Bank has reached another agreement with the European Investment Fund to offer local SMEs another source of funding for their borrowing requirements. Through the EREM-CBSI (The European Risk Enhancement Mandate – Cooperative Banks and Small Institutions) funding, the Bank will offer SMEs very competitive terms on BizPlus Business Loans. Combined with EREM-CBSI facility, APS Bank Ltd will make available an additional loan portfolio of €25m to SMEs.

 “APS Bank Ltd is very pleased to be facilitating access to finance to various segments of the business community. Further to the InnovFin SME Guarantee programme, the EREM-CBSI funding, received from the E.I.F., will strengthen the Bank’s lending commitment towards Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises”, commented APS Bank’s Head of Risk, Edward Calleja.

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