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APS Bank business planning season kicks off with July strategy meeting

12/08/2022 17:00:00

‘Where will we be and what will the Bank look like in 2025?’ was the central theme for the annual strategy meeting which kicks off the APS Bank 3-year business plan discussion. Attended by members of the Board and the senior management team, the two-day event held at The Hilton Malta consisted of presentations and discussions reflecting on the Bank’s strategy, business model and transformational journey.

Several external subject matter experts were invited to share their knowledge and experience with the leadership team. Speakers included: Dr Philipp Wackerbeck, Partner and Global Head of Financial Services at Strategy& (part of the PwC network); Norbert Vella and Fabio Axisa, both Partners PwC Malta; Martin Massey, Managing Director, OneRisk Consulting Ltd; and Bogdan Pletea, ESG Risk & Sustainability Strategy Lead, PMS Consulting Group Ltd. Members of Management led sessions around SWOT analyses of specific themes and participated at various panel discussions.

Commenting about the offsite meeting, CEO Marcel Cassar said: "Where we will be and what we will look like in 2025 might not be completely within our control, but we surely have a say in shaping it and an even bigger say in how to prepare for it.”

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