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European bankers on Malta visits in preparation of EU presidency


Three senior delegations from the Association of German Banks, the British Bankers' Association and the European Banking Federation visited Malta over the past weeks in preparation of the country's forthcoming EU presidency.

The meetings were held with Malta's Finance Minister, Prof. Edward Scicluna, senior officials from the Central Bank of Malta, from the Malta Financial Services Authority and with council members of the Malta Bankers' Association (MBA).


European bankers on Malta visits in preparation of EU presidency

At the meetings with the MBA the delegations set forth their priorities for Malta's upcoming EU presidency. In particular, the topics covered a range of current regulatory issues, including proposed changes to capital requirements, the application of proportionality, concentration rules, digital and technological innovation and the process of de-risking. Items of special interest to the national associations and the MBA were also discussed in detail and possible outcomes were exchanged.
The MBA delegation consisted of Chairman Mario Mallia, Deputy Chairman Marcel Cassar, Council Member Andrew C. Beane and Secretary General James Bonello.

"These meetings served as an opportunity for the MBA to hear out the agenda and challenges of some of Europe's most important banks, in the process allowing us to exchange our views on issues particular to the Maltese sector", commented APS Bank CEO Marcel Cassar.

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