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APS Bank hosts (Un)silenced Exhibition

13/05/2022 16:00:00

APS Bank has been committed to supporting St Jeanne Antide Foundation’s (SJAF) mission to help very vulnerable individuals and families through its CSR Programme for several years. (Un)silenced Exhibition is the second exhibition APS Bank has hosted portraying works of survivors of domestic abuse who have benefited from the services of SJAF.

(Un)silenced is a commentary on the lived experiences of those women whose identities and mental health have been eroded by narcissistic abuse. It is also a reflection on the healing power of art and writing, and their role in reclaiming muted voices. It is a celebration of self-determination, of solidarity and ultimately of liberation.

Rachael Blackburn, Head of Culture at APS Bank commented, “We are honoured to be hosting the (Un)silenced Exhibition, in celebration of the contributors’ talents and with deep admiration for their cathartic use of art to communicate their most intimate experiences of trauma and survival. We also take this opportunity to thank Nora Macelli from SJAF and her dedicated team for all their efforts and Kim Dalli for curating the exhibition.”

(Un)silenced Exhibition will be open for the public from 13th May until 4 July 2022 at APS Bank Head Office in Swatar. Visit for more information.

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