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New LED billboard installed at APS Bank Head Office

09/05/2022 09:00:00

APS Bank has just installed a new LED digital billboard on the façade of its Head Office in Swatar. This space will be used for the promotion of Bank products and services as well as a community platform to raise awareness about ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives. These would include public and educational talks, exhibitions and events, as well as to communicate the Bank’s sustainability agenda. This project complements the façade architectural lighting, which is lit up with distinctive colouring associated with specific themes and special causes to raise awareness.

Wilhelm Attard, Head of Support commented: “The LED digital billboard will now be complementing our façade architecture with a visibility that reaches across to the main roads in the vicinity of our Head Office. Above all, it provides the Bank with a dynamic, impactful medium that will help transmit our community message.”

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