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Next APS talk announced - Taking care of our mental wellbeing during the pandemic

18/03/2021 14:00:00

APS Bank has partnered up with Richmond to deliver the first APS talk for 2021, focusing on mental wellbeing during the pandemic. The session will be held on Thursday 25th March and will be presented by Svetlana Gatt, Communications and Development Coordinator at Richmond. Ms Gatt has worked with children with learning difficulties and with women with chronic mental health. She is also a Mental Health First Aid instructor and is passionate about normalising conversations around mental wellbeing in order to improve our quality of life.

This webinar will discuss what mental wellbeing is all about, and why it can still be challenging for some to seek support in 2021. It will also look into how different groups have reported being impacted by the pandemic, such as parents of youth who are studying from home, and those deemed vulnerable to the virus. Ways of supporting ourselves and those around us will be discussed with the audience.

If you are interested to learn more about this free talk, please visit

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